What Color Should You Dye Your Hair? Choose the Best for Your Skin Tone

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You were almost ready to have the hair color of your dreams when something happened. You got to hear from your bestie how your skin tone affects the choice of your hair color. And then, you wonder, “What color should I dye my hair?” The question deepened to the extent that you ended up here for your answers. And we are more than happy to reveal you are taking away clarity with this blog post. Let’s find the connection between hair color and skin tones before you visit your favorite hair color salon in Atlanta. 

"What Color Should I Dye My Hair?" - Let's Find the Perfect Answer

Warmer Undertone : Warm-toned skin comprises yellow, peachy, or golden.

Cooler Undertone : These undertones reveal pink or blueish skin hues.

Neutral-Toned : A neutral skin consists of cool and warm tones.

Olive Tone : An olive tone may include colors of cooler or warmer undertone with yellowish, green, or gray hues.

what color should I dye my hair

Pro Hacks You Can Use to Know Your Skin Undertone

Going for a Simple Paper Test

Take a piece of white paper, hold it up on your face, and look in your mirror. A pink, blueish, or red hue against your paper implies a cool undertone. An orange or yellow hint shows a warm undertone. And a combination of both means your skin tone is neutral.

Paying Attention to Your Veins

You have a warm undertone if you have green veins. But having blue or purple veins means your skin tone is cooler. Spotting both implies a neutral undertone. This vein test works best for someone with prominent veins or fairer skin.

Gaining Clarity with Blusher Test

Apply a pink blush on one cheek and a peach blush on the other. Go with a heavy application on both sides. Face a mirror while standing close to a window. If the peach blusher shows yellow-gold tones, you have a warm undertone. And pink tones from the pink blusher mean a cooler undertone.

Giving Window Test a Try

Holding a mirror, go closer to a window and observe your eyes. A purple skin under your eyes reveals a cooler undertone. And a yellowish-green skin beneath those eyes means a warmer skin tone.

Noticing Your Ability to Tan

If your skin turns pink or burns in the sun, you have a cool undertone. But if you notice tan while returning home after a vacation, your skin tone is warm. Pink tones with tan mean a neutral undertone.

Using Jewelry to Identify Skin Tones

Silver jewelry goes well with cool-toned skin. If gold jewelry is your thing, you have a warmer undertone. Finding both appealing reveals a neutral tone.

So, What Color Should I Dye My Hair? 

Now, coming back to the same, crucial question: “What color should I dye my hair?” And here’s bringing answers and preparing you for a confident visit to a top-notch hair color salon in Atlanta.  

Light Skin Considerations

Neutral Undertone- Go with lighter hair colors like caramel hues, reddish-blondes, or auburn shades (neutral, cool, or light).
Warm-Toned- Warm blonde hair (golden hue and honey) suits a fair complexion with light hair and a warm skin tone. Warm brunette hues (caramel brown or silky chocolate brown) match this complexion with dark hair.
Cool-Toned- Go for ashy or an icy platinum blonde hue or cooler shades of red and purple. It’s better to stay away from brassy or yellow hues. 

Medium Skin Considerations 

Neutral-Toned- Cool or warm hair colors like deep red or golden chestnut brown would look good.
Warm-Toned- Pop in the tan with caramel, honey brown, or warm-red hues. Always pick a warm shade and say No to platinum blonde or super light hues.
Cool-Toned- Choose darker blonde or rich brunette hues that impart a cooler tone in a dark shade. 

Dark Skin Considerations 

Neutral Undertone- You can choose from golden hues and fiery reds to ashy tones.
Warm-Toned- You may go for different warm colors like golden brunette, warm red, and a honey-blonde hue.
Cool Undertone- Walk toward the stylish choice of a cooler black or dark brown color. 

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From Frizzy Hair To Fabulous Hair – The Ultimate Guide to Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment

Everyone wants smooth, silky, and manageable hair, but only a few are lucky enough to have that naturally. Now the question is, how to get the desired hair? The answer is keratin treatment. 

What is Keratin Treatment?

It is the hair smoothening process that involves applying a generous amount of keratin-based products to the hair and activating it through heat. The heat breaks down the hair structure to give a straight and smooth appearance. As it straightens your hair shafts, it becomes more manageable with less styling needed. The treatment reduces frizzing, giving a smooth and shiny hair. So, girls it does not matter whether you have wavy, curly, or naturally bouncy hair. The treatment is for everyone.

How Long Does Keratin Treatment Last?

Keratin treatments can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on several factors like hair pattern and post-care routine. Apart from that, it comes in a variety of formulations to cater to different hair types and desired outcomes. Here’s a breakdown of some popular options:

Traditional Brazilian Keratin:

This procedure offers the longest-lasting results, providing frizz control and straightening for up to 6 months. However, it may contain higher levels of chemicals.

Express Keratin:

This is a quick and potentially less expensive option. Ideal for those seeking temporary frizz control and improved manageability. The effects typically last 4-8 weeks.

Smoothing Keratin:

This treatment prioritizes a smooth, polished look with a slight straightening effect. It may not achieve the same level of straightness as traditional Brazilian Keratin, but it’s a good choice for those with wavy hair or who prefer a more natural-looking result. The duration can range from 2-4 months.

Natural Keratin:

This formaldehyde-free option utilizes natural ingredients to improve hair health and manageability. While it offers frizz reduction and a slight smoothing effect, it won’t straighten hair as dramatically as other treatments. The results typically last 4-6 weeks.

What Does a Keratin Treatment Do To Curly Hair and How Long Does It Last?

Keratin treatments can have different effects on curly hair depending on the specific type of treatment used. Traditional options aim to straighten and loosen curls. Smoothing Keratin reduces frizz and defines your natural curl pattern. Natural Keratin offers a subtle effect, improving manageability and shine. Longevity depends on the treatment (3-6 months for traditional, less for others) and your hair care. Keratin treatments won’t completely straighten curls, but they can significantly reduce frizz and boost manageability.

How to Take Care of Your Hair Post-Treatment?

After the completion of the treatment, your hair stylist will share a detailed post-care procedure. It will include a personalized shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type and treatment. Usually, they suggest sulphate-free products. But you need to maintain each step thoroughly to extend the lifespan of the treatment.

Keratin Treatment Before and After

Keratin Treatment Before and After

What is the Cost of the Keratin Treatment?

The Keratin treatment usually costs around $250-$300 in Atlanta, Georgia depending on the salon and the type of treatment. Also, the hair type, length, and volume are a crucial factor determining the overall cost.
So, it is better to go to your trusted makeup and hair studio and get their quotation for the hair treatment.

Your hair goes through a process that breaks down the structure of the hair within and is repaired with Keratin protein and pressed with heat to give the desired look. If the temperature and amount of the product do not match, it will leave permanent damage to the hair shaft. That’s why always choose a reputed and licensed salon for your hair treatments. No matter from where you are, your hair needs an expert who understands different hair types properly. So, while you are deciding on a hair treatment, check the before and after pictures from previous clients, and read their reviews on both social media and the website.

5 Skincare Routines to Follow for Perfect Makeup Look

Skincare routine before makeup

Looking flawless in pictures is different than having an actual glow on the skin. Often clients ask us why their makeup is different from celebrities and models. They use the same products as us but still, the look is different from ours. However, our clients fail to follow the skincare routine before makeup which the celebrities diligently follow. So, whenever clients ask us for healthy-looking makeup for their weddings or special events, we ask them to follow the skincare routines. 

Another common thing people face even after following skincare steps is that they are using the wrong products. For instance, there are different types of skin, such as dry, oily, and combination. So, if you have oily skin but are using dry skincare products-obviously they won’t reflect good results. Also, the same products may work wonders for your friends. So, in the end, good skin care involves using the right product at the right time with exact quantity. 

Being a professional Atlanta makeup artist and studio owner, I will explain different skincare routines for oily, dry, and combination skin for a healthy makeup look.

Skincare Routines to Follow for Different Skin Types

Oily skincare routine

Doing makeup on oily skin is extremely difficult. Especially in the T zone the oil remains excessive. As a result, it becomes difficult to set the makeup. Also, oily skin oxidizes when it comes under sun and heat. This oxidation leads to darkening- ruining the entire makeup.

Therefore, as professional makeup artists, we strongly follow the oily skincare routine before makeup. Start with a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer with SPF on cleansed skin. Following moisturizer, we apply a mattifying primer all over the face, giving special attention to the T zone. Let the primer sit on the skin. Then we will apply makeup. While layering makeup, we blot the oil with a dry tissue in between. 

Dry skincare routine

For dry skin, exfoliation is highly crucial. Always cleanse your face with a non-drying exfoliator, followed by a toner to retain the skin’s natural oil. Apply a hydrating serum on damp skin and let it rest for a while. Once the serum absorbs into the skin, use your regular moisturizer.
Before starting makeup, apply a thin layer of hydrating primer. The areas near the nose are prone to dryness. So, work minutely to add extra hydration in that area. Also, your foundation needs to be creamy, instead of matte.

Combination skincare routine

Welcome to the combination club with oily T zone and dry cheeks and forehead. People with combination skin have to follow double cleansing to solve the problems. Start with a gentle cleanser on the nose area and scrub on the cheeks and forehead. After that, apply different moisturizers and facial oil on the concerned area. Leave the oil for a while before applying primer.
As professional makeup artists, we use two types of primer and products to adjust the skin. Also, clients need to intake a lot of water to stay hydrated before applying makeup.

Final Words

So, these are the skincare routine before makeup for different skin issues. With a good skincare routine and healthy lifestyle, a healthy makeup look can be easily achieved. However, don’t forget to remove your entire makeup and clean your face before going to bed to avoid unnecessary breakouts. 

Eyebrow Treatment Trends to Follow in 2024

Eyebrow treatment

Eyebrow Treatment Trends to Follow in 2024

As we step into 2024, we cannot stop but see the change in eyebrow treatment and makeup. While the previous eyebrow era shifted from a sharp arch to a more natural curve, this year we see an increase in eyebrow treatments. Studies also show that the eyebrows enhance the overall facial features to a different level. So, ladies, who want a natural-looking feature this year, learn about the latest trends in eyebrows.

Popular Eyebrow Treatment Trends


With technological advancement, microblading eyebrows give a more natural look to your face. The digital mapping makes the eyebrow precise edges. Professionals follow the natural hair growth to map the eyebrow. By layering ultra-fine strokes to gradually increasing strokes, microblading techniques mimic the facial structure thoroughly. Also, the pigmentation has improved a lot over the years, giving a more natural finish to your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Bleaching

Hair coloring and highlighting are not a new thing in 2024. But what makes the hair coloring more popping is eyebrow bleaching. So, if you had blonde hair last year, turn those dark eyebrows into a lighter shade with bleaching. However, the trend is not restricted to blonde only. Turn your hair and eyebrows into similar shades and rock that no-makeup look with minimal products.

Eyebrow Tinting

Similar to bleaching, eyebrow tinting is also popular in 2024. Dark bold eyebrows create a strong personality, loved by many. However, what is more appealing in tinting is the ombre effect. Starting with a lighter color on the inner corner and going one to two shades darker at the end is what people are looking for. Ironically, the trend is not restricted to women only. Men are also opting for bold ombre eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow Transplant

With eyebrow transplant, say no to less eyebrow hair. Get the perfect eyebrow every time you leave your house. The treatment involves moving hair follicles from the scalp to your eyebrow line to reshape the eyebrow. However, the treatments fall under cosmetology by a professional surgeon. So, before going for the treatment, make sure to discuss it with your doctor. 

Apart from that, Atlanta’s makeup and hair studios have various Eyebrow treatments to serve different concerns.

Busting Myths About Eyebrow Treatment

Now that you know about such a game-changing eyebrow hack, let us break some myths about the treatment.

  • Earlier we talked about eyebrow bleaching to match the hair color. However, the color does not have to be a perfect match with your hair color. You can choose to go one to two shades lighter as well.
  • People fear eyebrow lamination due to damage. However, treatment done by professionals faces no damage.
  • Furthermore, eyebrow plucking increases hair growth, the arch will look good on all faces, and choosing different eyebrow removal methods will ruin eyebrows- these are some of the most asked doubts.

However, any treatment for eyebrows and skin done under the supervision of a trained professional will be good.