What Color Should You Dye Your Hair? Choose the Best for Your Skin Tone

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You were almost ready to have the hair color of your dreams when something happened. You got to hear from your bestie how your skin tone affects the choice of your hair color. And then, you wonder, “What color should I dye my hair?” The question deepened to the extent that you ended up here for your answers. And we are more than happy to reveal you are taking away clarity with this blog post. Let’s find the connection between hair color and skin tones before you visit your favorite hair color salon in Atlanta. 

"What Color Should I Dye My Hair?" - Let's Find the Perfect Answer

Warmer Undertone : Warm-toned skin comprises yellow, peachy, or golden.

Cooler Undertone : These undertones reveal pink or blueish skin hues.

Neutral-Toned : A neutral skin consists of cool and warm tones.

Olive Tone : An olive tone may include colors of cooler or warmer undertone with yellowish, green, or gray hues.

what color should I dye my hair

Pro Hacks You Can Use to Know Your Skin Undertone

Going for a Simple Paper Test

Take a piece of white paper, hold it up on your face, and look in your mirror. A pink, blueish, or red hue against your paper implies a cool undertone. An orange or yellow hint shows a warm undertone. And a combination of both means your skin tone is neutral.

Paying Attention to Your Veins

You have a warm undertone if you have green veins. But having blue or purple veins means your skin tone is cooler. Spotting both implies a neutral undertone. This vein test works best for someone with prominent veins or fairer skin.

Gaining Clarity with Blusher Test

Apply a pink blush on one cheek and a peach blush on the other. Go with a heavy application on both sides. Face a mirror while standing close to a window. If the peach blusher shows yellow-gold tones, you have a warm undertone. And pink tones from the pink blusher mean a cooler undertone.

Giving Window Test a Try

Holding a mirror, go closer to a window and observe your eyes. A purple skin under your eyes reveals a cooler undertone. And a yellowish-green skin beneath those eyes means a warmer skin tone.

Noticing Your Ability to Tan

If your skin turns pink or burns in the sun, you have a cool undertone. But if you notice tan while returning home after a vacation, your skin tone is warm. Pink tones with tan mean a neutral undertone.

Using Jewelry to Identify Skin Tones

Silver jewelry goes well with cool-toned skin. If gold jewelry is your thing, you have a warmer undertone. Finding both appealing reveals a neutral tone.

So, What Color Should I Dye My Hair? 

Now, coming back to the same, crucial question: “What color should I dye my hair?” And here’s bringing answers and preparing you for a confident visit to a top-notch hair color salon in Atlanta.  

Light Skin Considerations

Neutral Undertone- Go with lighter hair colors like caramel hues, reddish-blondes, or auburn shades (neutral, cool, or light).
Warm-Toned- Warm blonde hair (golden hue and honey) suits a fair complexion with light hair and a warm skin tone. Warm brunette hues (caramel brown or silky chocolate brown) match this complexion with dark hair.
Cool-Toned- Go for ashy or an icy platinum blonde hue or cooler shades of red and purple. It’s better to stay away from brassy or yellow hues. 

Medium Skin Considerations 

Neutral-Toned- Cool or warm hair colors like deep red or golden chestnut brown would look good.
Warm-Toned- Pop in the tan with caramel, honey brown, or warm-red hues. Always pick a warm shade and say No to platinum blonde or super light hues.
Cool-Toned- Choose darker blonde or rich brunette hues that impart a cooler tone in a dark shade. 

Dark Skin Considerations 

Neutral Undertone- You can choose from golden hues and fiery reds to ashy tones.
Warm-Toned- You may go for different warm colors like golden brunette, warm red, and a honey-blonde hue.
Cool Undertone- Walk toward the stylish choice of a cooler black or dark brown color. 

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