5 Skincare Routines to Follow for Perfect Makeup Look

Skincare routine before makeup

Looking flawless in pictures is different than having an actual glow on the skin. Often clients ask us why their makeup is different from celebrities and models. They use the same products as us but still, the look is different from ours. However, our clients fail to follow the skincare routine before makeup which the celebrities diligently follow. So, whenever clients ask us for healthy-looking makeup for their weddings or special events, we ask them to follow the skincare routines. 

Another common thing people face even after following skincare steps is that they are using the wrong products. For instance, there are different types of skin, such as dry, oily, and combination. So, if you have oily skin but are using dry skincare products-obviously they won’t reflect good results. Also, the same products may work wonders for your friends. So, in the end, good skin care involves using the right product at the right time with exact quantity. 

Being a professional Atlanta makeup artist and studio owner, I will explain different skincare routines for oily, dry, and combination skin for a healthy makeup look.

Skincare Routines to Follow for Different Skin Types

Oily skincare routine

Doing makeup on oily skin is extremely difficult. Especially in the T zone the oil remains excessive. As a result, it becomes difficult to set the makeup. Also, oily skin oxidizes when it comes under sun and heat. This oxidation leads to darkening- ruining the entire makeup.

Therefore, as professional makeup artists, we strongly follow the oily skincare routine before makeup. Start with a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer with SPF on cleansed skin. Following moisturizer, we apply a mattifying primer all over the face, giving special attention to the T zone. Let the primer sit on the skin. Then we will apply makeup. While layering makeup, we blot the oil with a dry tissue in between. 

Dry skincare routine

For dry skin, exfoliation is highly crucial. Always cleanse your face with a non-drying exfoliator, followed by a toner to retain the skin’s natural oil. Apply a hydrating serum on damp skin and let it rest for a while. Once the serum absorbs into the skin, use your regular moisturizer.
Before starting makeup, apply a thin layer of hydrating primer. The areas near the nose are prone to dryness. So, work minutely to add extra hydration in that area. Also, your foundation needs to be creamy, instead of matte.

Combination skincare routine

Welcome to the combination club with oily T zone and dry cheeks and forehead. People with combination skin have to follow double cleansing to solve the problems. Start with a gentle cleanser on the nose area and scrub on the cheeks and forehead. After that, apply different moisturizers and facial oil on the concerned area. Leave the oil for a while before applying primer.
As professional makeup artists, we use two types of primer and products to adjust the skin. Also, clients need to intake a lot of water to stay hydrated before applying makeup.

Final Words

So, these are the skincare routine before makeup for different skin issues. With a good skincare routine and healthy lifestyle, a healthy makeup look can be easily achieved. However, don’t forget to remove your entire makeup and clean your face before going to bed to avoid unnecessary breakouts.